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Keeping Your Home's Electrical Systems in Order

Electricity is one of the greatest comforts of our modern age and presents an extensive array of useful applications. However, making sure your hard-earned power is being utilized properly is something only a few expert electricians are capable of accomplishing. Lunar Electrical Contractor, Inc., in Old Bridge, New Jersey, is here to help you make your home optimize the electricity flowing through it. Whether you need maintenance on older systems or want an entirely new one installed, our experts get the job done right the first time.

House, Breaker, and Electrical Meater

Specialists in Illuminating Homes

Make your home a bastion of light in the darkness with lighting for every part of your property. Your property's curb appeal will skyrocket with a lit path from your door to the driveway, or you can get a security light installed that wards away suspicious individuals from your property. But don't stop at the outside; keep the light shining wherever you need it with any of excellent interior options like standard fixture, track, and recessed lighting.

Control Your Home from Your Phone

Home automation is the new and exciting way to make home living even more enjoyable and relaxing. Cameras, lighting, HVAC, and a variety of other devices can all easily be controlled from your smartphone. Say goodbye to switches and knobs. Say hello to sitting on your couch, watching your favorite show, and being in complete control.

Handling Every Aspect of Your Electrical System

Whether you need an item provided, installed, or maintained, our team of electricians will always go above and beyond the call. Expect trouble-free results on issues such as:

Additions & Alterations • Water Heaters and Furnaces • Dishwashers • Garage Doors • Upgrading Services • Bathroom and Outdoor GFCIs • Landscape and Security Lighting • Track and Recessed Lighting • Home Generators • Expert Troubleshooting • Aluminum Pig-Tailing • Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms • Correcting Violations • Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs • Exhaust and Ceiling Fans • Air Conditioning and Heat • Dryers and Ranges